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Consume E-Liquids Rather Than Becoming An Addict To Tobacco

There are different types of vapers, few are beginners who use it for fun without any use of nicotine while there are others who want to quit smoking so they switch to e-juice. Unlike beginners, heavy cigarette smokers need to intake high vape juice daily which is high in nicotine and PG. Due to this reason, they use heavy-duty vaping devices. These devices have various benefits and are also safe to use in contrast to traditional smoking which is harmful for health.

How box mods are different from other vaping devices?

Since one can get varieties of vape juices like candy king, as well as juul pods and compatible pods from online vape shops like www.eliquid-depot.com, this is the reason why most of the vapors prefer to use vaping devices which can easily be customized. Box-mod is one such device which is high in demand. It is considerably bigger than a traditional e-cigarette. When you use this device, you get a chance to switch between several types of batteries, tanks, and atomizers.

Use of device for customized throat hit

Through these devices, it is also possible to choose different levels of throat hit and customize your effective vape. The working of box-mod is similar to that of any other e-liquid vaping device. The device has a battery which heats the coil and provides you a chance of vaping. You can further get a different intensity of vape inhalation based on the atomizer which is used inside the mod. One can use different types of atomizers for several occasions. Temperature control is another feature which is used in this product, this process prevents you from dry hits.

Some other facts about mods

With the aid of box mod, you get a chance to control the wattage. The intensity of the wattage is directly proportional to the amount of liquid which you will get to inhale at a time. Sub-ohm vaporizer can easily be attached to the battery of the mods. Thus, you get a chance to increase the thickness of the vapor clouds and the taste of the flavor also gets enhanced. When you use a sub-ohm vaporizer, they provide a low amount of electrical resistance. This, in the long run, provides a high rate of signal flow throughout the atomizer.

The tank of mods is very easy to clean. Moreover, one doesn’t have to dismantle the whole vaping device to take out the tank neither you have to take out the batteries. Instead, you just have to unscrew the top of the device and fill it effectively with the liquid.

Tips about how to save your batteries

Make sure that you remove the batteries of the mod when the device is not in use. It is suggested to store them preferably inside of a plastic box as they are prone to short-circuiting. Moreover, when you purchase a battery for the device, make sure that you are purchasing it from the same manufacturer. Using different batteries inside of a device can create disruption. You should also protect your device from overcharging as it only degrades the life of the battery.


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